Welcome to CSI Christ Church, Ambattur


Welcome to CSI Christ Church, Ambattur Early 1960s had Ambattur – one of the suburbans in Madras (presently Chennai), developing into a great industrial place. The people predominantly industrial labourers, industrialists of small scale private firms and the traditional business people began to settle down in and around Ambattur. Christian families of that time did not have proper place for worship. However, some families got together in a house for prayer and on Sundays, Pastor from a neighbouring place came to lead them in worship.

Days went by and with the initiative of some active members supported by pastors, a temporary hut was constructed and used for worships. Soon, the number of families joining the prayer increased and the need for a permanent place for worship arose. By God’s grace and dedicated efforts of several elders and pastors, the prominent land near the present O T bus stand, was allotted for building a church.

To the Glory of God, on 7th Feb 1967, the old church building was dedicated by Bishop Leslie Newbigin, the then bishop of CSI diocese of Madras, as “CSI Christ Church, Ambattur”, with an initial congregation of about 50 families.

While Ambattur was establishing as a famous Industrial location, the Christian families associated with the church also grew in numbers, year after year. In order to accommodate more people participating in the regular worships, extensions to the original church building were constructed.

The church located as a landmark close to the bus terminus continued to be a blessing for several people, including many non-Christians who usually come and pray to receive the Lord’s mercies during week days.

Late 1990s, saw the inadequacy in space within the church building for the entire congregation and hence the practice of having 2 services for the Sunday morning worship was introduced. Yet, during festivals and special occasions temporary structures were made outside the building to accommodate the congregation.

In the early years of the 21st century, with a lot of ambition and prayers, the members of the congregation joined together and decided to rebuild the church. Efforts to raise the church building fund had begun slowly and steadily. In February 2006, the 40th anniversary of the church dedication was celebrated and then after, raising funds for rebuilding the church became the priority for every member of almost 700 families.

In August 2010, the construction of the new building had started with the blessings of the Bishop of CSI diocese of Madras, Rt.Rev.Dr.V.Devasahayam, the presbyter and many elders of the church. The design and construction of the new church is estimated for almost seven crore rupees.

The Lord God has guided the members in every way as the construction is in progress now (Jan 2012) marching towards the completion, targeted for mid year 2012.

Praise and Glory be to the Lord Almighty.


At our Sunday school & Junior Youth Fellowship we strive to nurture the spiritual growth of our children and bring them into closer personal relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ.
The young people of the Christ Church bring in a lot of new energy, creativity and enthusiasm to the life of the Christ Church. The Youth Fellowship of the Christ Church meets every week for prayer, discussion and fellowship. The Christ Church youth take active part in the life of the church. They are committed to mission and besides meeting together for prayer and fellowship the Young people periodically visit some of the young children from the villages.
The Christ Church has a rich tradition of worship and Prayer. Music plays a very significant role in worship in the Christ Church. Worship in the Christ Church is enriched by the sounds of the organ. The music of the organ seems to comfort the depth of the worshipper’s life. Thereby the vibrant sound of the organ draws people from all parts of Ambattur to worship in the Christ Church and to join in songs of joyful praise.
The Womens' fellowship of Christ Church meets every Friday at 10.00 AM.

As per the talents and initiatives of our Pastor’s wife, and other ladies of the fellowship our programmes are attractive and the members enjoy spending one hour every week in the company of those who faithfully gather.
The Men’s Fellowship meets every week in the Church. On an average about 8 to 10 members assemble regularly and spend an hour or more in singing Praises and Praying for various needs of the Church and the members.
The Prayer fellowship meets every Saturday in the Church. The Pastor leads the Prayer Fellowship every week with Bible Study and discussions.